The first infantry division monument in Normandy is very important today. It is a memorial honoring the heroes of World War II. It was built by the French because they wanted to honor the people who sacrificed their lives for their country. The monument was recognized on June 6, 1944. The French people built this important monument after World War II. 627 people were killed on the site of the First Infantry Division monument. It is located specifically on Omaha Beach. The monument specifically memorializes the officers and men of the 1st United States Infantry Division who were killed in this period while fighting for the allies. The monument looks like a triangle, but thin and tall. It is 10 meters tall (approximately 32.8 feet). The names of all fallen heroes can be found engraved on the monument near the symbol of the 1st Division

Before the monument was built, part of the war was fought where it is located right off of Omaha Beach. It recognized all of the allies who fought in the war. The U.S. was part of the allies so we should go see the monument because it would be cool to see all of the heroes recognized who fought in the war from our own country. It follows the path of the Big Red one. On June 6, 1944, the "Big Red One stormed ashore at Omaha Beach. Soon after H-Hour, the Division's 16th Infantry was fighting for its life on a strip of Omaha beach near Coleville-sur-Mer that had been named "Easy Red" on battle maps. As the attack continued, Omaha beach became so congested with destroyed equipment, the dead and the wounded, that there wasn’t room to land reinforcements. Col. George Taylor, commander of the 16th Infantry Regt. told his men, "Two kinds of people are staying on this beach! The dead and those who are going to die! Now, let's get out of here!" As they slowly spurred out to become heroes.

Today the monument is still up and is for people to see and recognize the people who fought for them. We might be going there on our trip to Normandy. It is a very important monument to see.