2015 Attack on Charlie Hebdo
The attack on Charlie Hebdo in 2015 in Paris was done by Cherif and Said Kouachi, Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene. Amedy, Cherif and Said all died. Hayat Boumeddiene still lived and is said to have fled to Syria from Turkey. The shooting happened from January 7 to January 9. The Beginning was in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo building. It does not say why exactly they did this, but witnesses say that they said “we have avenged the Prophet Muhammad”,in Islam, they also said “God is great.”
The Kouachi brothers path to terror started with their dad dieing while they were still young. Then their mother sent them to a school for special needs kids. After they were there for a while then their mom died leaving them two as the only ones left in their family. Neither one of them were religious until a lady named Farid Benyettou changed that, She changed them from non religious to the larger idea of Jihad which involves Jihadi fighting, which could have been what turned them violent. Some people said the they could have been influenced by an American Al Qaeda leader. Some of the neighbors of Cherif say that he was one of the nicest people they knew. They said that he would help carry groceries for elderly women. But nobody knows exactly why they did it because they died during an attack.

A lot has changed just in the city of Paris since these attacks. Well first of all the Charlie Hebdo building has more security in it. Everywhere in Paris there is a lot more security. There also became fewer happy places in Paris, because everyone is depressed because they either lost loved ones, or they are unhappy about the situation. There are more soldiers on the streets to keep the city safe, and make people feel safer. And last, there became more intolerance and racism.