The 2nd Crusade

The Second Crusade was started by Pope Eugene III in 1145. He started it in response to the fall of a country called Edessa. The country had been formed during the First Crusade in 1096. It all started when a general Imad-ed-Din-Zangi formed an army of Arabs and Turks which were Muslim. They all got together and took over Syrian city of Edessa. People in Europe were furious and wanted the Pope to start a crusade against them. Many people agreed to this such as, Louis VII, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Corard III.The crusade was led by two European kings Louis VII and Conrad III. The two armies led by the two kings fought and lost often to the Turkish Army. In the end, the Second Crusade was won by the Muslim armies and the Crusaders were defeated. The 2nd Crusade later had an effect on the fall of Jerusalem and the 3rd crusade.