Alcázar of Toledo

The Alcazar of Toledo is a mix between a castle and a fort located in the highest part of Toledo, Spain. Before that it was used as a Roman Palace. It was later restored by Alfonso VI and Alfonso X. During the Spanish Civil War, it was used as a stronghold against the Spanish Republican by José Moscardó Ituarte. When the Republicans kidnapped his son, he told him, ''Then commend your soul to God, shout 'Viva Cristo Rey' and die like a hero." Regardless of what happened to his son, Moscardo refused to surrender. Some historians say that his son was not shot until a month later, but other reports say he was shot directly after his father swore not to surrender. This story hides the one of other hostages in the Alcazar. After being brought into the Alcazar, some say that the other men were "never heard of again." although, a local journalist who was visiting the building saw a number of prisoners chained to a railing in the cellar. The events of the Spanish Civil War at the Alcázar made the building a symbol for Spanish Nationalism. The people of Toledo now call it, "El Alcazar."