Alfonso VII of Leon

Alfonso VII (Alfonso Raimúndez) of Leon was born March 1105 and died August 1157. He was the son of Raymond of Burgrundy and Urraca, and grandson of Alfonso VI. His mother ruled over León, which was given to Alfonso VII after her death. He was born into rule and was named King of Galicia in 1111, King of León and Castile in 1126, in 1116 he ruled over Toledo. In his rule he ruled over Muslim and Christians populations he wanted his title to sound significant but, it did not work out in the end. During his rule, Portugal gained its independence in 1128.

As much as he claimed he wanted national unity, Alfonso adopted the militant attitude towards the Moors of Al-Adalus.He was a protector, but not a supporter, of the Muslims under his rule. The Almohads, a Berber group, began to gain power and Alfonso VII was unable to stop them. He claimed he wanted to be the "king of the men of two religions," but is death at the hand of Muslim usurpers showed that he could not. Because he divided his kingdom between two of his sons, the Christian kingdom was split and unable to stop the Muslims from taking control of Iberia.