Castillo de San Servando

Castillo de San Servando is a castle located in Toledo. When Alfonso VI of Castile conquered the city of Toledo in 1085, he built the castle on top of the ruins of an older Muslim fortress, which was built on top of a Visogothic church, which was built atop Roman ruins. Originally, the building served as a monastery, and later it was converted to a fortress to protect against Muslim attack. When the Muslims were no longer a threat, the fortress was abandoned because it lost its purpose. It was rebuilt in the 1100s and again in 1380. Most of what you can see today is from the 14th century. When you go to see the Castillo de San Servando, you can see the outside of it all you want. You can take pictures and many things, as long as it's on the outside. The inside of the castle is used as a youth hostel and is open to members only.