Castle of Consuegra

The Castle of Consuegra sits atop a ridge in a village outside of the town of Toledo. The castle is alongside the hill where the famous windmills featured in the book Don Quixote can be visited. A fortress was originally built on this site during the Roman Empire. Legend tells us that it was constructed by the emperor Trajan, but the first written records of the area show that the castle was originally built Almanzor, the ruler of the al-Andauls Muslims in the 900s. During the reconquest, the castle went back and forth between Christian and Moorish hands, but eventually became the property of Alfonso VII. Alfonso lent the castle to the Knights Hospitaller as they fought on his side during the reconquest, and they made so many changes to the structure that not much of the original Moorish architecture is visible. The Knights improved living space, fortificatio, and armament during their residence.

The castle was destroyed during the Peninsular War in 1813. In 1962, the castle became property of the city and under went massive reconstruction. Then later on in 1985 a school workshop was added, where classes continue to this day. The castle is one of the most popular in Spain for tourist visits, due in part to the windmills and the beautiful setting.