How to make a TAPpedia Page

  1. Start out by clicking the "new page" button on the left side of the main screen.
  2. New_Page.png

2.That will bring up a new screen where you get to name your page and add tags.
3. When you name the page, be sure to spell and capitalize correctly. The name of a page can not be changed later, so please be careful.
4. You need to add a "tag" for the city name that your topic comes from. This is found on the home page where you selected your topic.
5. Click "create."

6. Once you've clicked create, a new page will open that looks similar to a word document. The first thing you want to do is set up your headings.
7. In the tool bar, there are several buttons you can use to change the appearance of your page, look for the heading pull down bar.
8. Your title should be at the top of the page. Write the title in "Heading 1"
9. Your subtopics should be written in "Heading 2"
10. The body of your text should be written in "normal"

Remember, you are helping to write the book that we will use on our trip as a guidebook, a text book, a journal, and a reference. This is a book that you will probably keep for the rest of your life, so do your best work - contribute complete and accurate information. Do not put any pictures in the page unless the pictures come from a free site like Wikitravel or Wikipedia.

11. To save text, click the save button on the toolbar. Once you have saved, any member can go in and read, add to, correct, or edit any pages.